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Mobility services offered in Northport, AL

If you’re like most people, you probably pay very little attention to your mobility and the movements you make throughout each day. When mobility issues arise, however, it becomes difficult to think of little else, and it’s time to seek help from Christine Falls, FNP-BC, and Alisha Marie Moore, CRNP, FNP-BC, of Northside Primary Care in Northport, Alabama. Don’t accept limited mobility as just another part of growing older when there are treatments that can help. Call or click to book a visit today.

Mobility Q & A

What is mobility care?

Mobility refers to all of the movements you make throughout each and every day. It includes walking, standing, running, and moving through your living environment.

Mobility issues can develop at any age, but your risk level rises as you move into retirement age and beyond. Older adults often find themselves limited in how they move, which can have serious negative consequences to your overall health and wellness. 

Why is mobility care so important?

Healthy mobility is an essential part of staying healthy and independent. When you find yourself facing limitations on how well you can move, you tend to become far less active. This can cause a cascade of negative effects, including weight loss or gain, muscle stiffness, joint pain, and more. 


People who lose mobility also face a high risk of becoming isolated. When you can’t get out and about, you limit your social interactions. This can increase your risk of depression and quickly spiral into serious mental health challenges. 


Your body is designed to move. That’s why you need to improve your mobility as an important part of geriatric care. If you or a loved one experiences challenges in getting around, schedule a visit at Northside Primary Care to explore options.

What are some ways to improve mobility?

Mobility care begins with a thorough assessment of your current mobility levels and how your mobility affects your overall health. Next, your provider suggests ways to improve mobility. 


Some of the changes that can help you move more easily include:


  • Installing grab bars in bathrooms
  • Finding a good cane or walker to help you move around
  • Placing risers in seats to make it easier to sit and stand
  • Helping to improve muscle strength to increase stability
  • Working on balance 
  • Setting up your home to ease mobility


Preventing falls is a primary area of focus within mobility care. Falls place you at risk of broken bones and other musculoskeletal damage. There are plenty of easy changes you can make to reduce the risk of falling within your home environment. 


When you’re ready to learn more about mobility care, simply call during normal business hours to schedule a visit. You can also book online, which takes very little time to complete.